Adults Swim Buddies Programme

What it’s all about

Our Adult Swimming Program caters for all levels of swimmers.

We help individuals who may fear the water or feel out of their comforts zone in or around the aquatic environment.

We guide swimmers who can swim a little but may have difficulty with breathing and feeling nervous or tense in the water. Or who may swim from time to time but want to perfect technique so that it is possible to swim comfortably for longer.

We coach individual swimmers who have an interest in taking part in, or currently training for a triathlon or open water swimming event and need assistance with stroke correction and swim fitness training.

For most of our lessons we work 1:1 in the water with swimmers so we can develop a relationship of trust.

Our lessons are designed for the individual to work at a pace that suits their needs. Whatever your swimming needs, our team can help you achieve your goals.

We also run a weekly group Swim Fit session for members of Ocean Fitness where we coach swimmers who wish to develop their stroke and improve fitness. It is a fantastic transition from private lessons and the group dynamic works really well and motivates swimmers to come and practice each week.

The Swimmer’s Journey

No matter what level, or previous experience we use 3 key fundamental elements in our teaching approach to help make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. These fundamentals are at the core of how we help swimmers improve.

This is where it all begins regardless of current ability. Inhale, exhale, we all know how to breathe but how do we do it effectively to feel comfortable in the water for swimming?

Most swimmers do not inhale fully or exhale properly into the water or think they are exhaling correctly but may actually be holding their breath under water. When we hold our breath we hold tension in our bodies, when we breathe out we release tension, we relax.

Working on correct breathing technique helps a swimmer to relax in the water and will benefit any swimmer, no matter what level.

Once breathing becomes relaxed,  we help swimmers let go of apprehension, fear or tension they may be holding in their body. Once a swimmer’s chest & shoulders are relaxed they can then effortlessly ease into the water which helps overall body position, balance and enables them to float with ease.

How a swimmer floats and holds their balance in the water is integral to how they will eventually move through the water and ultimately swim.

Tension in our breathing causes tension in our body and holds swimmers back, making it difficult to trust and develop a feel for the water. By improving how swimmers move and hold their bodies makes for an enjoyable, smooth & efficient swimming stroke.

We work with swimmers to help them develop a smooth, relaxed, rhythmical stroke by working on balance and streamlining drills and skills to improve movement in the water, and ultimately swim with ease.

So are you ready to dive in? Let us help you on your journey to becoming comfortable in the water and a confident efficient swimmer

Term Timetable – 2018

Term 1


10th September – 27th October 2018

Term 2


5th November – 15th December 2018

Term Timetable – 2019

Term 3


7th January – 16th February 2019

Term 4


25th February – 13th April 2019

Term 5


29th April – 22nd June 2019

Summer Term


Ebb & Flow Open Water Sea Sessions


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