Benefits of Swimming With Us...

There are countless benefit to swimming…. It improves your posture, balance and flexibility; it strengthens and tones nearly all the muscles in your body; it reduces the risk of heart disease & keeps blood pressure low. Swimming also reduces impact on joints by 90% compared to land based exercise! Swimming is beneficial for everyone!

But swimming with us is more than that. We are passionate about making the experience of being in the water an enjoyable one for all and our positive approach during our session brings each swimmer into the present moment. Being in the present is where the joy of life can be experienced. When we become more aware of our bodies in the present we can connect with how we are feeling both physically and emotionally. Being more aware of these feelings can enhance a person’s experience and helps a swimmer move steadily along their learn to swim journey.

Building a community and connections between people is at the heart of what Swim Buddies strives to do. Weather it is 2 of our little beginner Swim Buddies or a group of our adults Ebb & Flow open water swimmers, friendships are being born! Just another benefit of Swimming with Us.

Swimming, especially in the open water, can boost your mental health and mood, it even causes your body to release endorphins, making you happier! Who doesn’t want to be a little bit happier??

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