We are currently looking for experienced level 1 & level 2 swim teachers. Please contact us for further details on

We are constantly looking to build our team of swim teachers . As we grow from a small to a medium enterprise we need a strong team to help us deliver high end quality swimming lessons. So if you are passionate about swimming, are patient with children, enthusiastic and have a love of teaching then please come join our team!

Vision Statement

‘Swim Buddies’ is a leading private company guiding people of all ages and abilities to become safe, competent and confident in and around any aquatic environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver unique swim tuition for both children & adults. We strive to do this through working professionally and confidently with individuals in a safe, fun, friendly  & relaxed aquatic environment. The focus of all our sessions is working with each individual’s specific needs to overcome any water based fears, to nurture a person’s natural abilities and to develop lifelong aquatic skills.

Core Values & Beliefs

Quality– Swim Buddies is dedicated to providing the best quality swim lessons to all its customers.

The Individual We strive to work with each individual’s own abilities and needs at every session and work at a pace that is suitable for them. We aim to provide appropriate guidance for a swimmer’s desired outcomes and strive to make them feel comfortable & confident in the water.

Respect & Integrity– We promise to respect our swim families, our co- workers & partners, our company, ourselves and all aquatic environments.

Excellence We value continuous improvement at all levels both personally and professionally. We organise monthly team meetings encouraging honest and open feedback and provide continuous professional development workshops.

Safety & Enjoyment We value creating a safe, stimulating, positive environment where each individual can gain the most out of each session with peace of mind.

Customer Service & Communication– We believe in first class customer service that addresses the needs of all our clients with the aim to build strong lasting relationships through each adult & childs’ swimming journey & beyond.

We are currently looking for experienced level 1 & level 2 swim teachers. Please contact us for further details on

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