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What it’s all about


Let us guide you & make your transition from the pool to the wonderful world of open water swimming as smooth as possible. There is so much to discover. Open water swimming in an invigorating experience and creates an amazingly positive link between exercise and emotion.

There is something truly unique and mysterious about the sea and in particular the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast of Ireland. We are lucky enough to live beside the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, the ever changing light and conditions draws us in on a daily basis.

Moving from Pool to Open Water

Learning to swim in clear, calm water of a heated indoor pool can be the perfect place to feel comfortable and confident in your swimming. And most people are quite content and happy to stay there.

But then there are those who look longingly at open water and wish they could dive in and swim with comfort and ease. Swimmers may feel confident in the swimming pool yet nervous and fearful at the thoughts of swimming in a large expanse of water.

The Swimmer’s Journey

Our aim is to make the transition from pool to open water as smooth as possible. This is where we guide you and make this transition safe and enjoyable. Be warned…it is rather addictive!

When swimming in open water it is you against the ever changing elements and this can be daunting for some. We teach you how to read the conditions, watch the ebb and flow of the tide, the rise and fall of the waves, tune into the effect of the calm and often energetic wind, and ensure you are able to deal with all these conditions as well as the ebb and flow of your own emotions.  

Again, we begin with the fundamentals:

This is where it all begins regardless of current ability. Inhale, exhale, we all know how to breathe but how do we do it effectively for swimming?

Most swimmers do not inhale fully or exhale properly into the water or think they are exhaling correctly but may actually be holding their breath under water. When we hold our breath we hold tension in our bodies, when we breathe out we release tension, we relax.

Working on correct breathing technique helps a swimmer to relax in the water and will benefit any swimmer, no matter what level.

Once breathing becomes relaxed,  we help swimmers let go of apprehension, fear or tension they may be holding in their body. Once a swimmer’s chest & shoulders are relaxed they can then effortlessly ease into the water which helps overall body position and balance.

How a swimmer floats and holds their balance in the water is integral to how they will eventually move through the water and ultimately swim.

Tension in our breathing causes tension in our body and holds swimmers back, making it difficult to trust and develop a feel for the water. By improving how swimmers move and hold their bodies makes for an enjoyable, smooth & efficient swimming stroke.

We work with swimmers to help them develop a smooth, relaxed, rhythmical stroke by working on balance and streamlining drills and skills to improve movement in the water.

Open Water Season



So are you ready to dive into the salty Atlantic Ocean?

With over 20 years experience swimming all over the world, in all conditions the Ebb & Flow Swimming Team guide swimmers and take them on a swimming journey showing them how to swim safely and efficiently.

We run weekly open water sessions and specialised courses from late April to early October every year. And offer sessions on early mornings (6:30am & 9am) and evenings (6pm) as well as morning and afternoon weekend courses.

We look forward to welcoming you to the open water very soon!


Our new website will be live in early 2021 and you will find a full schedule for our 2021 season as well as book on many of our amazing courses. Please check back again soon!

You can email us on ebbandflowswimming@gmail.com in the meantime for further details.

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