Level 1- Non Swimmer

I’m not so sure about this!!! It looks a little scary… but it also looks like fun! I’m going to try my best and be brave. I can do this. I really like my teacher, it’s just the two of us in the water and I can listen and learn without any distraction”

ENTRY LEVEL– Introducing those with no previous experience of swimming to the aquatic environment,  developing confidence and being at ease in the water through games and other fun activities

Recommended 1:1

Swimmer will learn :

  • basic understanding of safety in and around the pool.
  • Safe entry and exits
  • To move freely in the water
  • Submerging- getting face wet
  • Breath control- blowing bubbles
  • Floating on their front and back with the use of aids
  • Basic use of arms and legs to achieve a form of travelling through the water.


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