Level 3- Improver

“Is it time to go swimming yet??? I can’t wait to dive under the water and pick up the toys. Learning all the new ways of kicking and moving through the water is so cool. My arms are getting stronger. I am going to be so good at swimming on my summer holidays” ‘I love my new Swim Buddies and we are learning so much together, it makes me so happy that we are swimming side by side and having fun!”

ENTRY LEVEL-Swimmers entering at this stage will have the ability to move independently in, on and under the water using arm and legs with the head fully submerged in the water.
FOCUS-The focus at this stage is on building competence in the basic elements of propulsion, using the main swimming strokes with a continuing emphasis on the importance of good streamlining and breath control. Swimmers will be introduced to a range of aquatic skills such as sculling, rotation, floatation and swimming underwater.

Recommended – 2:1 or 3:1

Swimmers will learn:

  • Pool safety- safe entry and exits
  • Various floats on front and back, holding the position for 10 seconds
  • Streamlining on front and back; swimmers will demonstrate a push and glide off the wall unaided
  • Efficient kicking on front and back
  • Freestyle arm action with board for 5 metres
  • Backstroke arm action with board over 5 metres
  • Horizontal rotation, without touching the ground
  • Basic sculling action and introduction to basic breaststroke action


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