Level 4- Intermediate

“I really am getting better, I can swim all by myself now! On my front & my back, and I can even try and swim like a frog. I’m going to get better at my breathing now, then I won’t have to stop! And I’ll be able to dive into deep water!! Sooooo exciting!” My Mom and Dad will be so proud!”

ENTRY LEVEL- Swimmers entering at this level will have good water confidence and the ability to swim on front and back over 10 metres using both a good leg kick and arm action.
FOCUS- The emphasis at the level is to continue improving the various aquatic skills and to develop the kicking and pulling learned in the previous levels, along with controlled breathing so that swimmers can swim competently, using correct basic technique in front crawl, Backcrawl and breaststroke over 15 to 20 metres. Swimmers will be introduced to basic butterfly action, jumps and dives, treading water and deep water orientation.

Recommended 3:1

Swimmers will learn:

  • Push and glide on front and back holding glide for 2 meters
  • Improved arm action on front and back
  • Frontcrawl breathing technique; demonstrate the ability to swim 10 meters breathing to the side
  • Breaststroke leg action
  • Swim 5 meters breaststroke with leg and arm action
  • Feet first dive, sitting dive and kneeling dive
  • Treading water 10- 20 seconds
  • Surface dives
  • Undulating butterfly action

N.B. having the correct and comfortable breathing technique is essential for a swimmer to progress to the next level.


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