Level 5- Advanced

“ I can breathe, woohoo. And I know the names of all the 4 strokes. Learning the butterfly is amazing…. I am going to try and do 2 full lengths of breaststroke without stopping at my next lessons… easy peasy. Swimming beside my 2 Swim Buddies makes me faster. ”

ENTRY LEVEL – Swimmers entering at this level must have a sound knowledge of all 4 strokes and be comfortable and confident in deep water. Swimmers must have a basic level of swimming fitness and have the ability to swim competently over specific distances.

Recommended 3:1

FOCUS- The emphasis at the level is on the development of more efficient swimming as well as providing for the development of a greater awareness and expertise in personal water safety and survival swimming.

Swimmers will learn;

  • Aspects of water safety and survival skills
  • Correct timing in breaststroke
  • Develop diving skills
  • Butterfly body position and leg action
  • Understand bilateral breathing
  • Swim 25 meters frontcrawl, backstroke and breaststroke comfortably
  • Swim butterfly type action over 10 meters


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