Level 6- Stroke Development

“Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming” and diving and tumbling and sculling and treading water and life saving and so much more” I’m gonna keep swimming until I’m 96 years old 🙂 ” I love swimming!”

ENTRY LEVEL– Swimmers entering at this level will have a strong knowledge of all 4 strokes and have a good level of swim fitness to be able to swim longer distance with correct technique

Recommended 3:1

FOCUS-Emphasis at the levels is on the further development of the main swimming strokes; the  introduction to the early stages of training for competitive swimming, should the swimmer wish to progress to a club; providing a basis for swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle; and the development of both basic aerobic swimming endurance and of swimming speed.

Swimmers will learn

  • Increase swimming distances from 25m to 50m and 100m
  • Competitive starts and turns for all strokes
  • Improved technique of all strokes
  • Efficiency over distance
  • Enhanced fitness levels


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